Check out my latest game. I like to call it a mix between quick strategy game and logic game. You command an army of little ships and try to dominate asteroid field. It is level-based game with ever increasing difficulty. Levels are unforgiving but short, so forget about fail after 30 minutes spent by building your army. Either you win in a few minutes, or you lose.

Game is already finished with 100 levels (about 5 - 10 hours of playtime depending on your skills)

Asteroid Wars

State of the game:


another level

This is main screen menu

level screenshot

You can try the free version of the game on Kongregate following this link

What is next:

  • Improvements, improvements, improvements (in progress)
  • I am getting quite lot of feedback and trying to work out what can be done better and how

Looking for funding

as everyone, I am currently looking for developers/partners/additional funding so that I can continue upgrading an improving the game

What will additional funds be used for:

  • hiring an artist to help polish and improve overal graphics

  • implementing additional features: ship upgrades, carrier upgrade, base upgrades, new playstyles

  • story mode

  • online scoreboards

  • porting to android/IOS (will be done by me)


Game features fully working level editor where you can build your own custom levels

You can even get your own level featured in the game if you send it to me 

You can edit everything: asteroids, background, music, number of enemies, their power...

options are limitless